Zara Yu, Age: 15 Kinnelon High-school, Nj-new jersey Investment Identity: Many-Body Quantum State Manage on the Exposure out of Environment Looks

Zara Yu, Age: 15 Kinnelon High-school, Nj-new jersey Investment Identity: Many-Body Quantum State Manage on the Exposure out of Environment Looks

Renee Zbizika, Age: 17 John L. Miller Great Shoulder Northern Senior school, New york Enterprise Identity: Aerosol Optical Depth Estimation Having fun with a deep Sensory Network: Examining the potential of Having fun with Meteorological Analysis and you may Biomass Burning Knowledge Analysis

Gary Zhan, Age: 17 Logan High-school, UT Opportunity Name: To the Alternative Farming: Establishing Unique Floor-Bacteria-Based Biotechnologies to promote Crop Progress

Anya Zhang, Age: 17 Edward Clark Senior school, NV Endeavor Term: Spatial Variability out-of Ocean Acidification and its particular Affecting Facts when you look at the Massachusetts Bay

Alexandra Vesselinov, Age: 17 Paul D

William Zhang, Age: 17 Ward Melville Twelfth grade, Nyc Investment Label: Hydra: Brief Pipelineable Interactive Arguments of knowledge to have Proven Neural Networks

Allison Zhang, Age: 17 Manhasset High-school, Ny Project Identity: Fabrication and you may Implementation of a tilted Hydrophilic�Hydrophobic Designed Surface for Fog-Picking Driven by Namib Wasteland Stenocara Beetles

Alexander Zhang, Age: 17 Lynbrook Senior high school, Ca Enterprise Title: A book and you can Efficient Type Persistent Homology so you’re able to Place and you will Eradicate Topological Errors during the Triangle Mesh Data

Luke Zhao, Age: 17 Lynbrook Senior high school, California Opportunity Name: Single-Telephone Transcriptomic Investigation Reveals Hereditary Drivers off Quick/Slow Motor Neuron Label

Emily Zhou, Age: 18 The Harker University, Ca Investment Identity: Computer-Assisted Identification regarding Intracranial Aneurysms Playing with a good Transformer Deep Sensory Circle inside the three dimensional MR Angiography

Leon Lee Zhou, Age: 18 Shenzhen Secondary school, Asia Venture Term: Graphic Recognition away from Mercury Ions According to research by the Pull-of-War Between Hg2+ and you may Oxidized Tetramethylbenzidine to have Glutathione

Andrew Zhou, Age: men seeking women sites review 17 Thomas Jefferson Senior high school to possess Technology and you can Technology, Virtual assistant Investment Identity: New Part regarding Stability and Function inside Management

Zachary Zitzewitz, Age: 18 Evidence School, California Enterprise Label: A theoretical Model of the outside Geometry out-of Laminar Fluid Chains

Yuqiao Zou, Age: 18 Columbia Sentence structure & Preparatory University, New york Investment Name: Developing Photo-Crosslinking Peptide Probes due to the fact Substrate Imitates in order to Pitfall Healthy protein Lysine Methyltransferases

Ethan Zuo, Age: 18 Saratoga Twelfth grade, Ca Endeavor Title: Optimization away from Book A few-Stage Squirt Impingement Cooling to possess Datacenter High power-Density Processors

Natalie Calman, Age: 17 Ossining High school, Ny Opportunity Identity: Mindfulness-Dependent Fret Reduction Education Boosts the Mental Better-Getting regarding Kids

Riju Dey, Age: 17 Shorewood Senior school, WI Opportunity Title: Discovery from Unique Eukaryotic-Eg Dual Phosphatase Kinase Regulating Secretion of Killer Pyocyanin inside the Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Maggie Graseck, Age: 18 Rye High-school, New york Enterprise Identity: Oysters and you may Crabs: Contrasting the Eating routine of Hemigrapsus sanguineus and Panopeus herbstii

Mithra Karamchedu, Age: 18 Jesuit High-school, Or Enterprise Term: Cryosphere Melting Risk: Predictive Brand of Glacial and you may Permafrost Melting Playing with Fractal Study of Remote Thought Photos and you can Correlations so you can Timeseries Geoglacial and you will Permafrost Analysis

Julianna Lian, Age: 17 Florida Atlantic College or university Twelfth grade, Florida Opportunity Term: Sargassum sp. Reductive, Polyphenol Extract Modulates D. dorotocephala Regeneration from the Reduced total of ROS, and has Potential once the an enthusiastic Anti-Inflammatory Broker

Ella Moore, Age: 18 Greenwich High school step one, CT Venture Title: Inhibition of Covid-19 Respiratory Challenge through an enthusiastic R-954 Peptide Bradykinin step one Receptor Antagonist

Emily Pizzorusso, Age: 17 Byram Mountains Twelfth grade, Ny Venture Identity: Color My Community: Determining Differences between Women and you may Men within the Designs and Clusters out-of Synesthesia

Isabel Shi, Age: 18 Bergen County Academies, New jersey Project Identity: 5G Community High-frequency Rays Exerts Physiological Effects toward Health off Classified Neuroblastoma Phone and Silkworm Designs

Schreiber Senior school, Ny Venture Title: The results of Hypobaria Pursuing the Harrowing Head Burns off In addition to Hemorrhagic Wonder toward Neuroinflammation and you may Behavior

Xinkai Yu, Age: 18 Princeton All over the world College off Mathematics and Technology, Nj-new jersey Opportunity Term: Acting and you may Mitigating Infection Risks of COVID-19 inside Flights Compartments

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